Friday, 19 September 2014

Project Use Up - Makeup Update #2

Hello there! Hope you are having a lovely weekend. This is my second attempt at recording the progress of the Project Use Up for make up. I am quite thrilled with the current progress actually, I can see that a lot has been used up within the past few months. 

I have also decided to be part with couple of items, mainly because I felt like the actual product has changed in colour or smell. On the other hand, I am introducing some brand new items to the project to keep it rolling. 

Cream eyecolour in Cashmere (06) by The Body shop
It was the time to bin this item, I felt like the cream was developing a slightly off-putting, chemical smell. There was more than 1/3 left. I don't think Body Shop produces this anymore and I don't intend to repurchase it either.


2true lip and cheek tint
I realised that the more I used this lip and cheek tint, the more I started liking it. I was only using it as a cheek tint, some days underneath a blush or on its own. Ultimately I decided to give up on it, not only the brush wasn't really reaching down to grab enough tint but also the liquid was getting slightly cloudy. Again, another item that won't be repurchased. 

1. MUA Blush in the shade 01
As you can see, a great deal has been used up. I'll be glad to see it gone by the next update.  
2. Jemma Kid Lip Gloss in light pink
Have to admit, I haven't been reaching out for this much or for any lip gloss for that matter. It might be just a phase, but there's still 1/3 left. 

3. MUA lipstick in the shade 11
I can see some good progress, I am still learning to combine the lipstick with other shades to achieve a nude look.
4. Revlon colour burst lip butter in Candy Apple
This is my on the go lip product, and most probably it will be done by next update.

5. Elf Bronzer in warm
I finally manage to see bottom of the pallet, finding it weirdly comforting to know that there's hope. I like it a great deal and really enjoy wearing the lighter shade as my daily highlighter. 

6. Myface Cosmetics Lip pencil in Med/Dark Rose
I am considering passing this on to someone who might enjoy it more. The colour is tad too hard to work with.  

7. Carlos de Roma PURE Kajal in 0527 Silver
Once I started using this in place of my top lash liner, there was no going back. I am really liking it, it is also easy to smudge to achieve a natural day time look. 

8. Maybelline Dream mousse eyecolour in (06) Plum Temptation
Really lovely shade, I find no chunky shimmers, which is a plus and very smooth and easy application.

9. Rimmel London, Dark Brown (001) eyebrow pencil 
I have decided not to rush in to finishing this up, since it's my only brow product. But it will still be included in the project. 

10. Eyeshadow duo (Seduction) by H&M
As the picture bellow shows, there is good dip in the golden shade. Don't think it will take a long time to finish up. 

So here are the additions I want introduce to my project use up.

11.Blush and Bronze Duo by Elf
I think the dark pink blush would be ideal for Autumn and Winter. It's very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Not too sure about the bronzer yet, need to experiment with it more I believe.

12. Exaggerate Eye crayon by Rimmel in colour 005
To my knowledge this is a discontinued product, it has been in my collection for a while. The light beige is shimmery and quite pretty when used on the lids. Already one of my favourites. 

13. Black Kajal by Lakme
This is what so great about going through your stash and finding little gems hiding underneath. It's such a great black eye Kohol. The only problem is finding a sharpener that would fit. 

14. Cream Concealer by Bobby Brown in Honey
I have a love hate affair with this concealer. Fell in love with it when I first bought it, but it can be hard to work with, specially if I have dry skin. I mainly use this as my under-eye concealer to hide those dark panda like under eye circles. 

 14. Just Bitten Lip balm by Revlon in Beloved/Adoration

A fairly recent purchase. I do like the colour, but it is extremely drying and uncomfortable on the lips even when the clear balm is used. I don't think I am any where near finishing it either.

There you are, that's the second round of updates on my project. Hope you enjoy reading. 

Bud xoxo

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