Saturday, 12 July 2014

Project Use Up - Makeup Update #1

Hello Everyone, Hope you are having a great weekend. It's about time that I do my first update on the "Project Use Up for makeup". Yay, for me because I finished a couple of products. It wasn't a an easy breeze at all, most of the time I found it to be somewhat frustrating and discouraging. But I am hoping to see it through to the end. 

Eye products - Project Use Up

1.Maybelline Dream mousse eyecolour in (06) Plum Temptation
Still there's a lot left, I was not paying much attention to this as I thought I would. Have to keep probing at it I suppose.

2. Cream eyecolour in Cashmere (06) by The Body shop I see some development, it's nearly gone, may  be another month of perseverance. It is still a pain to use, and creases a lot as the day goes by. 

3. Bronze Eyeshadow from the Unknown pallet.  How exciting! I am done with this, Finished it last week. I liked it a lot but glad I managed to finish an eyeshadow up entirely. 

4. Rimmel London, Dark Brown (001) eyebrow pencil 
It's still in working progress (not much of a progress). I am still keeping it in the project. Must remember to put it on. 

Finished up products

5.Loreal's Eyeliner pencil in Black
Another finished product. Again It was a beautiful product, that performed well. It was creamy, easy to blend with and had good lasting power. However I won't be repurchasing this in the near future. 

6. Eyeshadow duo (Seduction) by H&M
I made progress with the yellow gold shade, which I am sort of happy with. It's a nice shade, certainly a wearable tone. The green Duo Chrome has only been used twice, still a way to go. 

7.Carlos de Roma PURE Kajal in 0527 Silver
I haven't had a chance to use this, not once. Probably because I have been concentrating on the L'Oreal eyeliner.

8.Maybelline's Long-lasting lip liner in Rosewood (41)
Finished, done, gone. Feels much better. It didn't take long at all, may be two weeks. Not repurchasing.

9.Myface Cosmetics Lip pencil in Med/Dark Rose
I am impressed with the smooth application, still find it a tad bit lighter for my complexion. 

10. MUA lipstick in the shade 11
I've been motivated to use this more, it needs a little extra work but I am sticking with it. Most of the time I use it to lighten up a darker lipstick.

11. Revlon colour burst lip butter in Candy Apple
I love using this lip butter, It's nourishing on the lips too, there's still good two weeks left. 

12. Jemma Kid Lip Gloss in light pink
One quarter left, I was planning to finish this by the end of June but it's not that easy.

13. Elf Bronzer in warm
"Sigh" what was I thinking? The progress is painfully slow. I like the product, has a beautiful glow when used as a highlighter. I hope to finish this by the end of the year, but you know, it could be one of those totally unrealistic expectations.

14. MUA Blush in the shade 01 There was a little mishap, I dropped it on the floor, and it shattered and crumbled. But hey! I managed to re-press the product. No point relegating, it's still a nice pink blush and the perfect companion for 2True tint. 

15. 2true lip and cheek tint
Half left, and as I said earlier I like layering both of these cheek products. It gives a nice, natural glowy effect. 

Despite the fact that progress is at snail's pace, I am enjoying this project. Some of you may think that this is totally unnecessary and piteous to a certain extent. Honestly, I find the process to be a learning curve, to keep me in control of unwanted expenditure and product accumulation. On a further note, it's important that I seek to complete what I have started.

I am interested to know how your projects are coming along, please feel free to comment down below.

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