Sunday, 13 July 2014

Perfume Review- Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez
Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez  

Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez has become a staple in my daily routine. This perfume has been on my Project Use Up for few weeks now, and I can see myself warming up to it even more.

The fragrance was launched in 2005, and it is the only J Lo perfume I have tested so far (there are few other flankers such as; Glow, After dark glow and Sun kissed glow if you are interested). According to the marketing blurb Miami Glow makes an effort to capture the sultry atmosphere, enthralling sandy beaches and party life of Miami. Even though I haven't set a foot in Miami ever, I can almost immerse myself in the air with a spritz or two.  In all likelihood, the combination of tropical fruits with warm musk is what's convincing (either that or too much time spent on watching CSI Miami I reckon).

Top Notes: Coconut Water, Pink Grapefruit, Passion Fruit, Blackcurrant
Middle Notes: Sand, Orange Flower, Cyclamen, Heliotrope
Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Woods 

Upon initial application I sense a lot of  sparkling notes of Grapefruit, Pineapple and Passion fruit. I like this stage quite a lot, it screams fun in the sun sort of thing. Although coconut water is listed, I only detect a faint note. I cannot help but admit that, I am a little intrigued by the notes pyramid as the middle notes category contains Sand. That is quite mind boggling isn't it? Next time I am at the the beach, I have a mission to accomplish; to capture the smell of sand (promise I won't look crazy sniffing sand on a beach).  

So, after 10 minutes or so the perfume settles down to a soapy musk with a hint of vanilla. I get a lot of soap here, not in a bad way, but it is quite apparent, which makes the perfume a lot wearable I suppose.

Projection- I do like the projection, it is perfect for summer time. It's certainly not trying to put up a show, which in return makes it a befitting fragrance choice for not only work or professional environment, but also for casual days. 

Longevity- On my skin the perfume lasts around 3 hours or more which is one of the downsides to this fragrance. I prefer my perfumes to be slightly longer lasting than this. But then again, the bottle is very light in design making it fairly easy to carry around in your bag. 

Overall I would like to rate the perfume 6 out of 10 (10 being the highest). It hasn't totally won me over, but without a doubt a remarkable celebrity fragrance that I am enjoying this summer.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Project Use Up - Makeup Update #1

Hello Everyone, Hope you are having a great weekend. It's about time that I do my first update on the "Project Use Up for makeup". Yay, for me because I finished a couple of products. It wasn't a an easy breeze at all, most of the time I found it to be somewhat frustrating and discouraging. But I am hoping to see it through to the end. 

Eye products - Project Use Up

1.Maybelline Dream mousse eyecolour in (06) Plum Temptation
Still there's a lot left, I was not paying much attention to this as I thought I would. Have to keep probing at it I suppose.

2. Cream eyecolour in Cashmere (06) by The Body shop I see some development, it's nearly gone, may  be another month of perseverance. It is still a pain to use, and creases a lot as the day goes by. 

3. Bronze Eyeshadow from the Unknown pallet.  How exciting! I am done with this, Finished it last week. I liked it a lot but glad I managed to finish an eyeshadow up entirely. 

4. Rimmel London, Dark Brown (001) eyebrow pencil 
It's still in working progress (not much of a progress). I am still keeping it in the project. Must remember to put it on. 

Finished up products

5.Loreal's Eyeliner pencil in Black
Another finished product. Again It was a beautiful product, that performed well. It was creamy, easy to blend with and had good lasting power. However I won't be repurchasing this in the near future. 

6. Eyeshadow duo (Seduction) by H&M
I made progress with the yellow gold shade, which I am sort of happy with. It's a nice shade, certainly a wearable tone. The green Duo Chrome has only been used twice, still a way to go. 

7.Carlos de Roma PURE Kajal in 0527 Silver
I haven't had a chance to use this, not once. Probably because I have been concentrating on the L'Oreal eyeliner.

8.Maybelline's Long-lasting lip liner in Rosewood (41)
Finished, done, gone. Feels much better. It didn't take long at all, may be two weeks. Not repurchasing.

9.Myface Cosmetics Lip pencil in Med/Dark Rose
I am impressed with the smooth application, still find it a tad bit lighter for my complexion. 

10. MUA lipstick in the shade 11
I've been motivated to use this more, it needs a little extra work but I am sticking with it. Most of the time I use it to lighten up a darker lipstick.

11. Revlon colour burst lip butter in Candy Apple
I love using this lip butter, It's nourishing on the lips too, there's still good two weeks left. 

12. Jemma Kid Lip Gloss in light pink
One quarter left, I was planning to finish this by the end of June but it's not that easy.

13. Elf Bronzer in warm
"Sigh" what was I thinking? The progress is painfully slow. I like the product, has a beautiful glow when used as a highlighter. I hope to finish this by the end of the year, but you know, it could be one of those totally unrealistic expectations.

14. MUA Blush in the shade 01 There was a little mishap, I dropped it on the floor, and it shattered and crumbled. But hey! I managed to re-press the product. No point relegating, it's still a nice pink blush and the perfect companion for 2True tint. 

15. 2true lip and cheek tint
Half left, and as I said earlier I like layering both of these cheek products. It gives a nice, natural glowy effect. 

Despite the fact that progress is at snail's pace, I am enjoying this project. Some of you may think that this is totally unnecessary and piteous to a certain extent. Honestly, I find the process to be a learning curve, to keep me in control of unwanted expenditure and product accumulation. On a further note, it's important that I seek to complete what I have started.

I am interested to know how your projects are coming along, please feel free to comment down below.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Rewarding 'June' - Monthly Wrap Up

Another month has come and gone by, June was pretty special for me, mostly because I've dragged myself back here, devoting my attention to the blog-sphere. And I am enjoying every bit of it. I managed to share quite a few posts in June, I know I need to be more consistent with posting, and time is hard to come-by. Nonetheless, I am determined to keep up the momentum.

Thought of sharing a few snippets from here and there, and what I have been loving so far. 

Relaxed day out in Greenwich

Every time I visit Greenwich, it leaves me enamored and truly smitten, just as my first visit. Whether it be wondering through narrow alley ways to the market looking for knick-knacks and a quick lunch; having a picnic and basking in the sun in Greenwich park or walking down the river Thames, I never can get enough.
Greenwich Market

In true leisurely manner, we spent our time with a kind of saunter; wondering through the cobbled streets, peeping into cute boutique shops, and a good dose of reading in the park.
Greenwich Park- One of the oldest Royal parks in London
Lychee and Latte bubble tea

Shopping buddies 

Finally, after a lot of plannings and cancellations, me and beautiful Asmita had a whole day-off together, so we dedicated our time for some hard-core shopping (mostly window, I must say). We made our journey to Westfield shopping centre in Stratford. It was such good fun looking for bargains and treasured pieces.

Of course half the time was spent looking at those cakes, oh man those scrumptious cakes!

On our way back home we decided for some more indulgence, this time it was Nepalese cuisine. I am a big food lover, and the best part of it is trying out variety of food to broaden my culinary experience. Since Nepalese food was a novelty for me I trusted Asmita to do all the ordering.
To the right- Chicken Momos (Dumplings) and Left Chicken Choyla set.

 Chicken Choyla was my starter, which consisted of crispy rice, spicy sauteed chicken and potatoes. Then it was followed by mouthwatering dumplings and Chow Mein. The dumpling are quite similar to Chinese dumplings but with a nice kick to it. I was advised to give dumplings a good dunk in the soup and it was with out a doubt the best dumplings I've had so far.
Chow mein (Nepalese Style)


I cannot express how much I have taken into practicing yoga. Few months back I've enrolled myself to few classes, because my local gym offers them and it was something worth pondering. Although, I am barely a newbie, without the slightest exaggeration, I can say that it is one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever come across. I see it as the time granted for me to let go and look in to myself  without self-deprecation and  judgement.

The modern family TV series

I am so hooked on this comedy series "The modern family". Typically I would have not noticed it on Netflix, but I was told that it's such a feel good drama with a hefty dose of genuine jokes. And it's true, I love all the characters but specially Phil Dunphy (the Dad) and Manny (10 year old kid). Unlike some comedies nowadays, I laugh to this light-hearted stuff effortlessly.

So here we go, that was my June in a nutshell. Hope you like it.