Friday, 13 June 2014

Out with the old, in with the new

My old pair of trainers just gave up on me last week.  I am embarrassed to admit that I've had those for nearly 9 years, yeah 9 years! That's ancient!! But that's the least I could say when they literally held through thick and thin.

So.. I bought myself a new pair!!  Needless to say that incorporating sporty footwear is very hip at the moment, but me being kind of  unconventional here, bought these only to wear at the gym. Hmmm...who knows I might even bust them out on a casual day. 

I am so excited for my new Nike Free Run 5.0, the first thing I noticed was that, compared to my old pair it's quite small but absolutely comfortable. Already, I can imagine myself running errands in these. Stylish but functional is the way forward.

We all know that, correct footwear is extremely important when it comes to breaking a sweat. so I had to make sure I spent my money wisely and got a pair that really suited my needs. 

While researching prior to my purchase, I came across Nike website which claims to have incorporated 'Nike free' technology to create natural flexibility and extra support for the sole. On this fact alone I was totally sold. May be I am so gullible? Only the time will tell.  

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