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Favourite perfumes for Spring!!

Favourite perfumes for Spring

“Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?”
Neltje Blanchan

Now we are in June, right at the start of Summer, I feel like it's the best time to write a blog post talking about my most worn and loved perfumes for Spring. This is the time of the year where there's a transition from colder, winter months to warmer, summer months. Heavy orientals and smokey leather numbers are safely put away for another winter, and I bring out my light, airy and fresh florals to the table. It goes without saying that, crisp cooler nights and warmer sunny days brighten up my mood, and I find myself reaching for perfumes to match that change.  

So here there are:

Femme by Hugo Boss

Femme by Boss is certainly one of my all time favourite perfumes. Even though I've put it down as one of top five Spring perfumes, I tend to wear it throughout the year. It's beautiful, romantic and what I reach for when I cannot decide what to put on that day.  Rose plays a major role in here, and combined with Freesia, Jasmin and Tangerine notes, this is a great uplifting and inoffensive fragrance. Not only Femme is a fabulous compliment getter, but also my dear other-half's favourite on me. It was first introduced to me by a good friend of mine back in 2008 and I haven't looked back ever since.

Do Son by Diptyque Eau de Toilette
Diptyque- Do Son Edt

Do Son was love at first sniff, I was swoon with Nostalgia as it took me right back to my childhood. Best of all I picked it up in a charity shop for an absolute bargain, I mean who doesn't love a good bargain. This is a sweet floral perfume, infused with white flowers such as Tuberoses and Orange-flower. I find Do Son to be less heady and indolic compared to its counterpart, tuberose themed perfumes. It takes on a much greener and slightly linear path, which makes it ideal to wear when the weather's a little warmer. 


Eau des Merveilles by Hermès
Eau des Merveilles by Hermès

I have been totally obsessed over the Merveilles line lately, and adore their bottle design too . In my humble opinion Eau des Merveiilles  is absolutely breathtaking and unique with notes of Orange, Ambergris and Wood. Basically, matched with my skin chemistry, it's is a salty orange affair at the beach. Yes I said it right, It smells like a day out at the beach, where you sit and enjoy the salty sea breeze while having some oranges. Since it's quite strong and heady to start with, a spritz or two goes a long way.  

 The Iceberg by Iceberg
The Iceberg by Iceberg

Here I have another spicy oriental great for spring evenings. This beauty is quite unusual and largely underrated. Iceberg opens up with fruity citrus notes and after few minutes, settles down to a creamy floral base with lots of Coriander and Pistachio. Although Coriander is very apparent here, I hardly detect any harshness, which can be due to Suede and Vanilla combo. Even though it's marketed towards Women, I believe that, a guy can totally pull this off too.

Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy
Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy
The combination of a beautiful elegant bottle and sophisticated scent stole my heart. This is one of my newest acquisitions and yet another love I have been devouring everyday. I find the scent to be quite complex with notes of Rose, Tangerine, Ylang-Ylang, Musk and Basil. Roses in here are very natural and powdery but manage to stay modern and trendy. I have to admit that, Eaudemoiselle is certainly not a girly perfume; but a well refined and elegant fragrance with character. The more I wear it the more I fall in love with it.

Hope you enjoyed the little insight in to what my favourite spring time perfumes are, what are yours? Please feel free to share them down below. Thank you!

Bud xoxo                                                                              

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