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Project use up 2014! - Makeup


It's been a while! Yes.... enough with procrastination, I am back with a brand new post from a different angle. Lately I have been contemplating on sharing a project I have taken up. Lets call it "The project Use Up" (otherwise known as project pan amongst beauty bloggers), where I will be focusing on finishing up number of beauty related items I own.  Rather than hopping in to buying every new item that I could get my hands on, I want to purge and reduce excessive amount of products. Not only that, I am also going to be on a spending ban (Particularly for makeup) for the whole year. 

Project finish up -(

 The matter is little closer to my heart, and I cannot start with out a confession. Yes I am a product junkie; a hoarder of many things and very apparent that it's burning a hole in my pocket. How many beauty products does a girl need? I believe many of us out there get stuck in a rut of buying unwanted things just for the sake of it or keep holding on to things that are totally unnecessary. Don't worry there is a solution to every little problem. This is where my little project comes in to save me. 

Here are some self-imposed rules. 
Project finish up
  • To begin with I will not be buying any beauty related products in 2014, as I am aiming to downsize and de-clutter (of course there's an exception; I will repurchase necessities when I run out). 

  • Secondly I am hoping to go through my stash, give it more love and finish up products. 

  • I will be starting with 15 items and add more as I go along. 

  • Keeping in mind that, makeup does expire therefore, use them up before they go bad or give it away.

I have chosen 15 makeup items due to variety of reasons, it may be that I've had them for far too long ( I mean donkey's years) or it could be that it's not 'a love' anymore and I am struggling to use it up.  OK here we go:

1.Maybelline Dream mousse eyecolour in (06) Plum Temptation

This is a perfect on the go, less fuss eyeshadow. I've had it for a while, and now fear that, it's going to dry up soon. there's still more than 2/3rds left in the pot. I am going to be using this either as a eyeshadow base or all over colour. 

2. Cream eyecolour in Cashmere (06) by The Body shop
I am not a fan, it's hard to work with and creases when used on it's own, so I need it finished up and done with. At the moment I use this as a shadow base. 

3. Bronze Eyeshadow from the Unknown pallet. 
I know right? I cannot for the life of me figure out the make of it. I got it as a gift back in the day when my interests had nothing to do with make up, (hence the reason to get rid of it soon). Nonetheless, I love the eyeshadow, it has a great colour pay off and smooth consistency.  

4. Rimmel London, Dark Brown (001) eyebrow pencil 
Got another eyebrow pencil, and my everyday makeup doesn't really include filling up brows. Will see how long this will take, not a bad product, but may be not the exact match. 

5.Loreal's Eyeliner pencil in Black
Good eyeliner, but I am not into drawing my waterline anymore, so will end up using it on the lash line. May be couple of months left on it, won't be repurchasing black eyeliners anytime soon. 

Eye Products included in Project use up -
6. Eyeshadow duo (Seduction) by H&M
Again had this for a while, As you can see in the picture I prefer the golden shade more and the green duo-chrome has been worn less. I need to figure out what to do with colourful shadows. 

7.Carlos de Roma PURE Kajal in 0527 Silver
I've included this item because it hardly gets to see the daylight. and it's time to take it out and draw those lines. I like the consistency, very creamy and soft, also a step away from general black eyeliners.

8.Maybelline's Long-lasting lip liner in Rosewood (41)
This twist up pencil is totally not my colour, have to work with darker shades to match my lips, and I haven't got patience to do so. Plus I find that it's too soft and creamy and crumbles very easily. On a positive note, I am almost done with it. 

9.Myface Cosmetics Lip pencil in Med/Dark Rose
I believe Boots used to hold this line of cosmetics couple of years back, and they don't seem to sell it there anymore. Hope to see this lip liner gets used up in the near future.

Lip products included in the Project use up- Thoughts of a bumble mind.
Lip products included in the Project use up 

10. MUA lipstick in the shade 11
Don't reach for it as much as I would like, great for layering though, so need to keep on trying.

11. Revlon colour burst lip butter in Candy Apple
This is a recent purchase, and love using it. A beautiful colour, and perfect for moments when you haven't got a mirror at hand to apply. 

12. Jemma Kid Lip Gloss in light pink
A light pink lip gloss, I received as a freebie, the issue here is that I have too many similar products.

Cheek products included in Project use up -
ELF Bronzer (Project use up)
13. Elf Bronzer in warm
This is what happens when you fall in to the hype and buy products with out testing. It doesn't suit me as a bronzer, so I've started using two lighter shades as cheek highlights and it does wonders.

14. MUA Blush in the shade 01
This is a bubble gum pink blush ideal for spring-summer months, when I just want a wash of colour on my cheeks. On the other hand, it produces a lot of fall out, so a gets a little too messy sometimes.  

Cheek Products included in Project use up -
MUA Blush in 01 & 2True lip and cheek tint (Project use up)
15. 2true lip and cheek tint
Even though it's in the same lines of Benefit's bene tint, I don't regard 2true as a great dupe. Again prefer to use this when the weather is warm.  

Throughout the project I am hoping to see a huge impact on my shopping habits. The idea behind this is to reduce my collection down to things I absolutely love and adore (mediocre isn't cutting it for me). This post only contains makeup items, I will be adding body/hair care and perfumes on another post. I am hoping to keep up with the updates and related posts in the future.

Lots of love 
bud xoxo 

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