Saturday, 11 May 2013

Long over due chit chat over a cuppa

After long deliberation, I thought of writing my first blog post. I was contemplating a lot of things, but in the end I gave in. This post is dedicated to my good friend Rhanielle, she runs a travel and life style blog in Portuguese. Thank you for the inspiration girl. All in good times!!

Yesterday, I met up with 3 of my girls from uni, must say it was a long overdue chat over a cuppa. Well wasn't exactly tea, I think we all prefer coffee or latte over cup of tea when it comes to social gatherings. 

When Green Park got a bit too chilly, all four
of us stumbled on to Piccadilly road. Indeed it was rather sweet treats for happy Friday, when mouth-watering French cakes and sweet pastries were calling our names through the shop window Patisserie Valerie in Piccadilly.

As per usual I couldn't make up my mind, first I was going for gateaux, but the selection didn't warm me as much, so I joined in with the girls and ordered warm waffles and vanilla ice cream draped with hot chocolate sauce. Oh it
was a sweet delight. Even though the shop is cramped with customers opting for a cafe rather than a pub on a Friday evening, customer service was excellent. We sat there as long as we could savouring every bite of it, and went our separate ways with promises of another meet up.

Later on it sank in to me that, people grow up fast, abrupt changes are inevitable. Only a few months back, there were half hearted complaints about the work load and endless course work and giggles over cocktails at the student union bar. Now the conversation has moved on to bigger or even sweeter things-buggies and nappies. It was still a wonderful to meet up and share stories of course. 

Thank you Anel for these lovely friendship bracelets!

Mind you still, getting the perfect job, and moving forward is placed heavily at the back of our minds, but life goes on and it is a blessing to have friends to share your journey with. Others who couldn't make it due to variety of reasons were badly missed.